Long Term Coffee Storage: Methods, How To, Tips from Preppers

Did you recognize that espresso is among the hottest drinks on this planet?

You might have observed this just by the sheer quantity of espresso joints on each avenue or the massive number of espresso out there on the retailer.

long term coffee storage tips and tricks covered by preppers

I’m positively within the fold of the huge quantity of espresso drinkers on this planet as I eat on common a pot of the black gold every day.

That means for folks like me, having a plan for espresso when the SHTF is a good suggestion.

I do know, if the world goes wonky it could look like espresso could be low on the listing of priorities and in the end it’s.

However, take into account these two causes for having a long-term espresso storage plan.

Why Store Coffee Long-Term?


Drinking small quantities of espresso does have some total well being advantages. But it’s also vital to recollect the results of caffeine withdrawal from heavy espresso drinkers.

These can embrace blinding complications and excessive irritability. Not a superb combination in an already annoying state of affairs. 


Coffee is a kind of consolation, social drinks. You ask a pal out for a cup of espresso or when household unit comes to go to it’s possible you’ll supply them the identical. During occasions of hardship, espresso shall be troublesome to come back by.

Having some espresso stockpiled away may assist in buying and selling for one thing you want or in providing somebody a nicety.

How To Store Coffee For Long-Term Storage

There are three primary sorts of espresso that may be saved. They are:

  1. Whole beans
  2. Ground
  3. Freeze-dried

Just like with many different sorts of things to eat, the enemies of espresso are moisture, air, gentle, and temperature. When uncovered to those components espresso begins to lose that contemporary style and begins to go dangerous. I’ll hit on among the methods to take care of these within the following strategies for storing espresso.

Whole and Green Beans

Shelf life: Several months or as much as two years frozen

If you’re primarily involved with the freshness of your espresso, then storing entire beans is one of the simplest ways to go. Once beans have been floor, they start shedding that contemporary style much quicker. But entire beans when saved correctly can final for multiple months in a cupboard to a yr or extra when frozen. You can select between storing entire roasted beans or entire inexperienced (unroasted) beans.

Whole Beans

whole beans are great for long term coffee storage

You should buy entire beans at most native shops that promote espresso. However, most store-bought things to eat packaging will not be conducive for long run storage.

If the bag the beans are available doesn’t have an hermetic seal, then switch them over to a glass or different pure container with a good gentle. It is greatest if the glass is darkish in order that the beans should not affected as much by gentle.

The beans ought to then be saved in a cool, dry, darkish place. This means until you propose on utilizing them quickly, they shouldn’t be sitting in your kitchen counter however as a substitute within a cupboard or pantry.

Stored on this method beans ought to final a number of months. But when saved in an hermetic container and frozen they’ll last as long as two years or extra.

Once you’re prepared for a cup of Joe, solely take out the variety of beans you want and grind them up.

Green Beans

Green espresso beans will have to be purchased on-line or at a specialty retailer.

The strategy of storing them is identical as entire beans.

But there’s an additional step to utilizing any such bean. When you’re prepared for a cup the beans will have to be roasted first earlier than they’re utilized in a grinder. This could be performed in a skillet on the range or in a roasting machine that may be purchased on-line.

Most folks agree that espresso shouldn’t be saved in a fridge as a result of it’s notably good at absorbing close by things to eat smells. That means your subsequent cup of espresso may style like onions or a mix of no matter you may have in your fridge.

But in terms of storing espresso within the freezer, i’ve learn various opinions on it. Some say that the very best temperature for storing espresso is at room temperature. While then again, i’ve learn studies of people that suppose their espresso tastes merely high-quality after freezing.

I believe freezing espresso will make it last more however may diminish its style over time.

If you select to freeze your espresso it will be greatest to take action in an hermetic container akin to a vacuumed sealed bag. Place portion sized quantities of espresso into these baggage to restrict unused espresso to unfreezing and air.

Ground Coffee

Shelf life: one yr or two years frozen

ground coffee storage

Buying prepackaged floor espresso on the retailer goes to be probably the most cost-effective.

While it is going to last more than entire beans it’s best to go by the expiration date on the package deal. Most prepackaged floor espresso is sweet for as much as a and even a number of months previous the expiration date, particularly when it’s frozen. When freezing it’s best to hoover seal the espresso earlier than freezing.

In my expertise, espresso opened shortly after its expiration date nonetheless tastes alright.

I had multiple cans of espresso saved away in my pantry that had gone previous their expiration date to completely different levels. At one level I made a decision to do a style take a look at of all three of them.

The first can was one-month previous expiration and it tasted comparatively high-quality.

The second can was three months previous expiration and it style much less contemporary then the primary can however was tolerable.

The final can was six months previous expiration and it tasted terrible.

Keep in thoughts that these timeframes and freshness can fluctuate between manufacturers and the kind of containers they’re saved in.

Freeze Dried Coffee

Shelf life: thirty years unopened

When you’re searching for an exceptionally lengthy shelf life look no additional than freeze-dried espresso. While the earlier strategies of storing espresso have been within the vary of months to a yr, any such espresso will final a long time.

Best Coffee for Long Term Storage: Franklin’s Finest Coffee

I lately had the chance to check out some freeze-dried espresso. It was Franklins Finest Coffee supplied by My Patriot Supply.

When stockpiling espresso for the lengthy haul you aren’t going to do a lot better than this as unopened package deal lasts as much as thirty years! Though comparatively, instantaneous espresso can last as long as twenty years.

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