The COBRA Headquarters is now Certified for Concealed Carry and Firearm Instruction

Why choose to train with COBRA for your concealed carry permit?


  • COBRA Defense was created from real Law Enforcement training and experience.  A CWP course instructed based on Law Enforcement training and experience is far more impact-full than the run of the mill course.
  • COBRA includes reality-based self-defense options for training. While it’s not a requirement, many who get a CWP also want real self-defense skills and COBRA Defense offers many options.
  • Weapon retention training will be covered. Even a seasoned police officer knows many are killed by their own weapon due to lacking a very specific skill. Weapon retention. It’s very easy to learn and part of all of our training sessions.


  • COBRA Defense International is a world leader in Active Shooter Response Training and Anti-abduction Training.
  • COBRA Defense International has worked with some of the largest corporations in the world which gives us a professional pedigree and edge many do not have.
  • Train with the top tier instructors in the COBRA Defense International brand. Courses will be lead by COBRA President Chris Sutton and COBRA Chief Operating Officer Mark McKay.
  • All attendees receive an Amazon Best-seller self-defense book, “The Psychology of Self-Defense” at no cost.
  • All Attendees receive a 12-month digital subscription to the Here you can watch and train along with 100s of self-defense videos on any digital device in the comfort of your own home.


We host concealed weapons classes for the Tampa Bay area , Pinellas, Pasco, Hernando County and the surrounding areas.


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