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McCloskeys at RNC: What Happened to Us Could Happen To You, Too

McCloskeys at RNC: What Happened to Us Could Happen To You, Too


McCloskeys at RNC: What Happened to Us Could Happen To You, Too – The Truth About Guns

First, the case was that Trump has achieved many issues to assist particular person individuals in extremis — working to launch hostages, deregulating sure varieties of medical remedies, combating entrenched pursuits, and main a powerful economic system till COVID got here alongside to kill it.

Twitterati laughed on the supposed awkwardness with which Trump interacted with frontline COVID employees and hostages, however what they missed was Trump’s good cheer as he talked to them. These exchanges have been really much less bizarre than those final week wherein Biden talked to celebration activists over Zoom.

And second, the case was that Democrats are supporters of city chaos and socialist insurance policies that can make American lives much less protected and can assist immiserate the American center class.

Nowhere was that clearer than within the joint speech of the St. Louis couple who have been seen in a Twitter clip standing in entrance of their home, the husband brandishing a gun towards a Black Lives Matter march. They identified that the BLM individuals have been undisturbed by the cops, whereas they discovered themselves underneath arrest.

Their message — this might occur to you, residence homeowners — absolutely struck a chord with Americans who own weapons as safety. Stats inform us that 43 p.c of all Americans reside in a gun-owning family.

That’s lots of people. Trump’s hope for reelection relies on getting these individuals to end up in larger numbers than they did in 2016, to offset Democratic beneficial properties. And the Democratic message — that cops are dangerous and rioters are good — performs proper into Trump’s hands.

– John Podhoretz in First night of RNC 2020 was very effective, to media’s dismay


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