Minnesota Freedom Fighters: Armed Black Men Protecting Their Community

Minnesota Freedom Fighters: Armed Black Men Protecting Their Community

For Romeal Taylor, 28, who works as an in a single day safety guard at an area lodge, owning a gun has at all times been about private safety. For the final six years, he’s carried a firearm with him anytime he goes out in public. He understands he will be saw as a risk, however he’s additionally a skilled and proud gun proprietor.

“There is a lot going on out here in the world,” he mentioned. “I would rather have a gun and not need it than need it and not have it.”

Days after Floyd was killed, Taylor mentioned, he heard from neighbors in north Minneapolis a couple of call to motion for licensed gun homeowners to guard native companies from vandalism and destruction. The call resonated with him, he mentioned, as a result of he had been pissed off to see folks he didn’t acknowledge from his neighborhood destroying buildings.

“These weren’t Black folks,” he mentioned. “These were outsiders truly intent on destroying this city.”

The [Minnesota Freedom Fighters’] headquarters was Sammy’s Avenue Eatery alongside a bustling thoroughfare.

It’s what place Taylor met Randy Chrisman and different native Black gun homeowners like himself. Chrisman, who lives within the suburbs, learn the NAACP call to motion on Facebook and confirmed up on the cafe.

“It’s been a brotherhood ever since,” mentioned Chrisman, who has had his hid carry allow for practically a decade and usually carries his handgun with him.

“You just never know when something is going to happen,” he mentioned. “As a Black man, I have the same rights as others to also carry a firearm and I do it.”

– Kurtis Lee in Armed and Black. How a group of men licensed to carry guns say they are seeking racial justice


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