More Americans are Realizing Government and Police Can't - Or Won't - Protect You

More Americans are Realizing Government and Police Can’t – Or Won’t – Protect You


By Roger Katz

As a NYPD veteran police officer, and adjunct professor/lecturer of police science at John Jay College of Criminal Justice, National Rifle Association licensed firearms teacher (pistol, rifle, and shotgun), and coaching counselor, and lively member of the International Association of Law Enforcement Firearms Instructors, and lifelong resident of New York City, i’ve devoted my life to the preservation and strengthening of our cherished Second Amendment. This isn’t any straightforward job, particularly at this time, as we see fixed, concerted, vigorous assaults on the elemental proper of private protection with firearms.

So it was with greater than a little bit curiosity I learn Stephen Halbrook’s article, “How Does New York City Get Away With This,” printed within the August 2020 version of NRA’s publication, America’s 1st Freedom.

Halbrook is a Second Amendment constitutional regulation knowledgeable and a prolific author and writer who has argued and gained through a win a number of necessary Second Amendment circumstances earlier than the U.S. Supreme Court.

In his article, he offers a quick historical past of restrictive handgun licensing in New York City. He appropriately observes that “[i]t all started with the Sullivan Act of 1911, the first law in any state (other than the slave codes) to require a license for mere possession of a pistol even in the home.” Toward the tip of the article, he makes the purpose that:

“Nothing has changed since 1911 when [an Italian-American] Mario Rossi carried a pistol for protection against the Black Hand, for which he was sentenced to a year in prison.”

It is, after all, disturbingly, depressingly, frustratingly true that “nothing has modified in New York City since 1911, insofar because the City continues to require a legitimate license to lawfully possess a handgun.

Still, in a couple of necessary respects, much has modified, and for the more serious, for the reason that enactment of the unconscionable and unconstitutional Sullivan Act.

In the 109 years since handgun licensing started, New York City’s legal guidelines have develop into extra intensive, extra oppressive and repressive, and confoundingly obscure. These legal guidelines are a labyrinthine maze of ambiguity and vagueness, and they’re singularly weird.

Unlike many different states that properly preempt the sphere of gun regulation, as failure to take action invariably promotes and results in confusion and inconsistencies throughout a state, the York State authorities in Albany has not preempted the sphere. The New York legislature provides native governments large discretion in establishing their very own firearms legal guidelines so long as native authorities enactments don’t heated discussion with primary state degree mandates.

Albany historically permits, and even encourages, native governments to plot their very own usually quite a few and very stringent firearms guidelines. New York City has fortunately performed so, devising a very complicated and complicated array of guidelines directed to the possession and possession of all firearms: rifles, shotguns, and handguns.

New York state regulation, NY CLS Penal § 400.00 (1) units forth the essential handgun licensing scheme, relevant to all New York jurisdictions, making clear that possession of handguns falls throughout the province of the police and that,

“No license shall be issued or renewed pursuant to this section except by the licensing officer, and then only after investigation and finding that all statements in a proper application for a license are true.”

NY CLS Penal § 400.00 (3)(a) offers that,

Applications shall be made and renewed, within the case of a license to hold or possess a pistol or revolver, to the licensing officer within the metropolis or county, because the case could also be, what place the applicant resides, is principally employed or has his or her principal office as service provider or storekeeper.

New York City builds upon the state statute, establishing a mind-numbing set of tiers of handgun licensing, mandating the extent to which New York residents might train the privilege — not the appropriate — to own a handgun for self-defense.

The Rules of the City of New York, particularly 38 RCNY 5-01, has established a minimum of 6 totally different classes of handgun licenses:

  • Premises License – Residence or Business
  • Carry Business License
  • Limited Carry Business License
  • Carry Guard License/Gun Custodian License
  • Special Carry Business License
  • Special Carry Guard License/Gun Custodian License

New York City’s tiered handgun licensing scheme is just not solely inconsistent with the Second Amendment, it promotes illegal discrimination below the due course of and equal safety clauses of the Fourteenth Amendment and invitations each abuse by and corruption within the metropolis’s Licensing Division. In reality, town’s unbearable and puzzling handgun licensing scheme is, from a purely logical standpoint, internally inconsistent and incoherent.

Premise residence and enterprise handgun licenses place appreciable restraints on a licensee’s proper of self-defense. Unrestricted handgun carry licenses, then again, are issued solely to a select few individuals who fulfill arbitrary “proper cause,” necessities.

Of course powerful, wealthy, politically-connected elites are exceptions, routinely acquiring the uncommon and coveted unrestricted handgun carry licenses which are unavailable to the common citizen.

And criminals don’t obey handgun licensing guidelines or another state or metropolis regulation pertaining to firearms, so that they don’t care what number of legal guidelines town enacts. This hasn’t modified and by no means will.

But it’s deeply troubling to imagine New York City’s harsh, even despotic handgun licensing scheme continues to flee constitutional scrutiny, some extent Halbrook makes on the outset of his article, when he states,

“‘Under New York law, it is a crime to possess a firearm’, held the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit in U.S. vs. Sanchez-Villar (2004). This ruling was based on the state’s ban on the possession of an unlicensed handgun. This prohibition did not offend the Second Amendment, said this ruling, because ‘the right to possess a gun is clearly not a fundamental right.’ Later rulings by the U.S. Supreme Court—D.C v. Heller (2008) and McDonald v. Chicago (2010—begged to differ. . . . But the Second Circuit must not have gotten the memo. . . .”

Halbrook makes clear that the New York licensing scheme is illegal on its face as a result of the very idea of licensing is grounded within the misguided concept that gun possession is a privilege and never a basic proper. That notion is at odds with the Second Amendment and excessive courtroom rulings.

New York City residents have been compelled to undergo unconstitutional firearms legal guidelines since 1911. New York’s gun management legal guidelines had been and proceed to be enacted to disarm sincere residents and to discourage private self-defense.

It’s Time for Redress

New York makes an attempt to skirt addressing the inherent unconstitutionality of the firearms’ licensing scheme by means of pompous claims that an individual doesn’t want a handgun to defend him- or herself as a result of authorities is there to guard them. That’s patently false and, in any occasion, it’s wholly inappropriate.

Under the doctrine of sovereign immunity the police are not legally obligated to protect any particular person, and so they can’t be held legally accountable for failing to take action. Courts have routinely so held, together with New York courts. This is a reality many Americans are unaware of.

Recent Drastic Changes

Radical leftist state and native governments are now not even permitting their police departments to supply a modicum of safety for his or her communities. This follows from the unrestrained actions and antics of Marxist and Anarchist teams to whom they kowtow. They have referred to as for the defunding of and disbanding of police departments throughout the nation and a few jurisdictions have begun to do just that.

In New York City the unconventional leftist Mayor, Bill de Blasio, has slashed $1 Billion from the NYPD funds. This comes at a important time when hovering crime charges and virtually every day rioting demand extra funding for police, not much less.

What does this imply? The common American can now now not rely upon the police to supply even common safety to their neighborhood.

There are additionally makes an attempt to rewrite the legal guidelines on sovereign immunity, to carry police accountable for harming residents. But this isn’t supposed to safe extra police safety or make the police extra accountable to the law-abiding public at massive. To the opposite, the aim of overturning police sovereign immunity is to supply the general public with much less safety and, directly, to permit lawless rioters, looters, and arsonists to have interaction in assaults on police and harmless individuals with out having to worry retribution.

So, in some methods, issues have modified. Radical leftist-controlled governments are leaving communities much less protected by stopping the police from preserving regulation and order. In some cities, police are even prevented from defending themselves as lawlessness happens throughout them, rendering them powerless to engage lawbreakers.

The public is seeing the disturbing outcomes: demoralized officers and fewer protected communities as police aren’t permitted to supply communities with even a modicum of safety. T

Even as these leftist authorities leaders constrain the police, they proceed to withstand recognition of the elemental, unalienable, particular person proper of the individuals to maintain and bear arms. They display their contempt for the very sanctity of human life, at the same time as they disingenuously declare to care about it. It’s a recipe for catastrophe: for an entire breakdown of regulation and order in society.

Yet, regardless of the intentions of the unconventional left, they’ll’t subvert the dictates of pure regulation which dictates  the appropriate and accountability of self-defense rests at this time, because it all the time did, on the person.

Americans should not hearken to duplicitous politicians or the complicit media who declare that defunding or eliminating the police is important whereas persevering with to push for curbing the appropriate of armed self-defense. And judging by gun gross sales figures since March, they’re more and more tuning them out.

Although i’ve all the time been a staunch supporter of the Second Amendment, I by no means advocated that everybody ought to get a gun. I assist and proceed to assist freedom of selection in owning and possessing firearms. But now, on this new actuality, it’s time for each law-abiding American to be armed. To learn to correctly use a gun to guard themselves and their households.

Our nation is at a crossroads. We stand to lose the whole lot that’s close to and expensive to us if we don’t pay heed to the threats which are directed in opposition to us.

It’s the accountability of every citizen to safeguard their very own life and people of their households. It’s changing into more and more clear that nobody else goes to do it. You’ve all the time been your individual first responder. We might quickly be on the level what place you’re your just one.


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