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You know your unconstitutional power-grab and civil rights suspension isn’t going well when such pro-gun eminences as Ryan Busse, Ted Lieu, and…wait for it…David Hogg are forced to issue public denunciations of your actions. Now, the first gun rights organization out of the blocks with a lawsuit and motion for a temporary restraining order is the National Association for Gun Rights.

Their motion for TRO is here and the complaint is here.

NAGR President Dudley Brown told TTAG . . .

Governor Grisham needs a copy of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights rushed to her office. Apparently she didn’t read them when she swore an oath to protect them.

Our emergency lawsuit will overturn Gov. Grisham’s dangerous citizen disarmament power grab, and hopefully, teach her and other tyrants that it won’t be tolerated.

TTAG’s favorite barrister LKB is reading them over and will have a quick assessment for us shortly. In the mean time, you can bathe in the knee-deep tide of schadenfreude that is the self-made legal and political disaster New Mexico Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham has created for herself. Stay tuned.

Next Post Coming Soon…▶


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