Op-Ed: Marjorie Taylor Greene Has the Bold, Clear-Speaking Courage We Need

Marjorie Taylor Greene
Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, R-Ga. (AP Photo/Susan Walsh)

By Phil Reboli

Last week, a painfully unthoughtful op-ed was printed in The Truth About Guns (TTAG), stirring up controversy inside the gun neighborhood. Its creator, Ms. Jennifer Sensiba, joined within the cacophony of hysterical commentary on Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene along with her piece: Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene is Hurting the Gun Rights Movement.

Ms. Sensiba declared Georgia Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene unfit to be a part of the weapons rights motion. Instead, she really helpful a coalition of mismatched ideologies led by single-issue congressmen who don’t draw consideration or criticism from main information retailers.

Let’s be clear: Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene isn’t handicapping the gun rights motion, as Sensiba claims, and a unfastened cluster of unoffensive, single-issue advocates is unrealistic.

There had been calls for that Sensiba be fired from TTAG or that she or the web site supply an apology for the op-ed.

Ms. Sensiba missed vital nuances in her op-ed, however censoring her undermines productive dialog. The responses to her op-ed had been so overwhelmingly unfavourable that it induced readers to publicly declare a consensus on Congresswoman Taylor Greene…simply not the one Ms. Sensiba wished. From time to time, the “gods of bad ideas” want an providing in order that the neighborhood coalesces round sure tenets.

The sort of individual Ms. Sensiba thinks is the perfect champion is neither actual nor efficient. Ms. Sensiba writes that, “Instead of having someone represent us who plays things smart, focuses on what’s important, and makes sure things get done, we have a modern-day female Don Quixote tilting at the LGBT windmill.” (emphasis added)

According to Ms. Sensiba, Congresswoman Taylor Greene’s conduct has made her a lightning rod. The ensuing unfavourable press consideration has made her poisonous.

Ms. Sensiba appears to implying that the right Second Amendment advocate focuses solely on gun points in Congress and non-gun points in a fashion that’s acceptable to the company press.

This Congressman doesn’t – and can’t – exist.

Members of Congress should make vital choices on dozens of items of laws each week, a whole lot yearly. Congresswoman Taylor Greene would commit political malpractice if she was a single-issue Representative. Her constituents despatched her to Washington to be a full-spectrum Representative. In different phrases, she will be able to stroll and chew gum on the identical time.

Using this logic, Congresswoman Taylor-Greene can be unable to take part in different nationwide discussions. Is the Congresswoman allowed to take part in conversions about battle and peace, healthcare, or authorities spending if her opinions and approach offend opinion makers within the media?

She wouldn’t. This is why nobody ought to change their approach to appease people who need you to fail anyway.

Ms. Sensiba errors a distinction of opinion on techniques for unhealthy technique. In reality, Congresswoman Taylor Green not too long ago employed her information of parliamentary process as a tactic to pressure the hand of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

Congresswoman Taylor Green and her colleagues pressured Democrats to both publicly assist a radical piece of Democrat-sponsored laws, or reschedule the vote; basically, kick the can down the highway. Pelosi pulled the invoice from the ground and he or she selected to reschedule.

Congresswoman Taylor Greene wasn’t “tilting at windmills.” She was deliberate in her planning, considerate in her approach, and total strategic in her mission to call consideration to unhealthy laws.

Finally, Ms. Sensiba asks the gun neighborhood to suppose extra broadly and assist a unfastened coalition of single-issue gun rights organizations from completely different political ideologies. This would solely tear aside the motion. Maj Toure’s Black Guns Matter is for liberty, free minds, and markets. The Socialist Rifle Association (SRA), if they’re true to their title, is diametrically opposed to those tenets.

This proposed coalition additionally exposes a blind spot in Sensiba’s considering. She dislikes Congresswoman Taylor Greene’s techniques and doesn’t need her to symbolize the gun rights motion. Yet she needs the gun neighborhood to empower socialists. Among their priorities is protecting ANTIFA as they burn and loot American cities.

The close to common opposition to her views has confirmed what the gun neighborhood needs. We need daring, clear talking from individuals who have the bravery to battle again towards the entrenched powers that need management over our lives. Including, however actually NOT restricted to: our gun rights!

This is our path ahead.


Phil Reboli is the senior coverage advisor for Gun Owners of America and host of the Minute Man Moment.

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