Orlando Police release new video, images of suspect in alleged apartment attack

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The Orlando Police Department is asking for help in identifying a man who allegedly entered a woman’s apartment and attacked her.  

According to detectives, the man is accused of following the woman to her Downtown Orlando apartment, entering without her consent, and then engaging in a suspected battery. The alleged incident is said to have happened early Monday morning, around 2 a.m.

Authorities released new video recordings on Wednesday taken from various security cameras in Downtown Orlando. A new still image was also released that was captured from inside the victim’s apartment. 

Orlando police detectives are searching for a person of interest in an alleged apartment attack.

The man is described as having a tall, muscular build with a bald head and beard. He was wearing a black shirt, black pants, and black sneakers, with a gold necklace around his neck, club bands, and an Apple Watch on his wrist. The man appears to have several tattoos on his chest and a distinct Japanese symbol on his upper left arm.

If you recognize him, please call 321-235-5300 or contact Crimeline anonymously at 1-800-423-TIPS (8477) or text **TIPS (8477).

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