Shutterstock Two issues promote weapons in America, civil unrest and politics. Outside of Portland, the civil unrest has largely disappeared in current months (wonderful, huh?) however with the inauguration of the Bidenharris administration and their anticipated assault on Second Amendment rights, the American gun-buying public as acted accordingly. To wit:Read More →

r/guns - AK is done for now. New M4 stock adapter feels right at home. Magnifier still for memes.

Current workhorse pictured right here. It began life as a ZPAP poly. Current components checklist: ALG set off with lightening bow Magpul grip TDI decrease handguard Magpul foregrip surplus higher handguard streamlight WML w/ stress pad Ferro slingster in Flex81. TWS Gen 3 Dog Leg Railed Cover Holosun 512C +Read More →