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Parsons: America’s ‘Unregulated’ Gun Industry Bears Responsibility for the ‘Gun Violence’ Problem

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You just about know what you’re in for while you soak up the creator’s laughable declare that “the gun industry is effectively unregulated” within the United States. She’s fortunate we don’t ship her a invoice for cleansing the espresso off of our pc after studying that. She actually ought to warn us subsequent time.

A vital element of any complete plan to scale back gun violence within the United States is a deal with implementing strong regulation and oversight of the gun trade. Efforts to scale back gun violence that focus solely on the demand facet of the issue ignore the position of the gun trade in manufacturing and distributing the weapons which can be the devices of this violence.

Focusing solely on the people who use weapons to commit acts of violence will not be solely ineffective, it’s additionally a method that has contributed to overcriminalization and concentrating on of communities of coloration as a part of a “tough on crime” approach to legal justice. To really deal with all facets of the gun violence epidemic on this nation, policymakers should deal with the position the gun trade performs in enabling and exacerbating this violence.

– Chelsea Parsons in Gun Industry Must Be Held Accountable for Gun Violence

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