Power Hour – Academy of Self Defense


Hey, Santa Clara fitness buffs!

Get ready to unleash a storm of activity with our “Power Hour” WOD! It’s AMRAP, which means As Many Reps As Possible, and trust us, you’ll want to max out every minute of this hour with Coach Ilya.

What’s on the Power Hour Menu?

  • Start with a dynamic 20 3 Punch Combo with Alt. Leg Kick to get your heart racing and limbs moving.
  • Next, 20 Walking Lunges with Sprawls will challenge your balance and strength, all while keeping you on your toes.
  • Then, hang tough with 10 Pull-Up Negatives, where slow and steady wins the race to muscle gains.
  • Blast through 20 Wall Balls — a test of endurance and precision.
  • Twist and shout (maybe not shout) with 20 Russian Twists for that core we all adore.
  • Finally, round it off with 100 Jump Ropes to keep those calves and stamina sharp.

With Coach Ilya’s expertise and motivation, you’re not just going through the motions; you’re part of a fitness revolution happening right here in Santa Clara.

Join us at the Academy of Self Defense today at 10 am. It’s time to power up your workout, charge up your day, and feel absolutely unstoppable!


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