Prosecute Hunter: Joe Biden Wrote One of the Laws His Son Allegedly Broke

Joe Biden, Hunter Biden
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Over and over once more, Joe Biden and his social gathering insist that we have to add extra forms into the gun-buying course of. Indeed, have been “universal background checks” to be imposed upon the 37 states which have to date declined so as to add them, Form 4473 can be part of each single gun transaction — together with, in lots of circumstances, wholly non-commercial transactions. Why, if it’s so clearly pointless?

I don’t envy the place that Joe Biden is in along with his son. But he’s the president of the United States now, and he’s utilizing his place to require much stricter legal guidelines to manage the train of an specific constitutional proper.

If he needs to point out that he’s critical — and, extra necessary, if he needs to point out that he’s not making an attempt to create a complicated thicket of guidelines that may find yourself being enforced capriciously — he ought to be in favor of prosecuting his son and his accomplices.

It is a federal felony to lie on Form 4473. Joe Biden supports this. It is a federal felony to carry a firearm inside one thousand toes of a college. Joe Biden not solely supports this, he wrote the law.

If solely he knew somebody within the White House who might be sure that these violations have been extra rigorously prosecuted — sure, even towards his own son. Surely, it’s simply “common sense”?

— Charles C.W. Cooke in It’s ‘Common Sense’ to Prosecute Hunter Biden for His Gun Crimes

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