r/guns - 1918~ Remington Model 10 Riot Gun

r/guns – 1918~ Remington Model 10 Riot Gun

This is my new-to-me Remington Model 10 12ga shotgun. The receiver dates to around 1918 (before Remington started saving their serial numbers apparently), and it appears to have been parkerized, taken apart, and rebuilt into a Riot Gun configuration as there was almost no blueing left and the serials on the barrel, receiver, and trigger do not match. It wasn’t in great condition when I received it, so I had to completely take it apart, de-cosmoline/de-rust/reblue it all, fix some stripped threads, etc.

It is US Ordance Dept. stamped, but I have no info on if it served anywhere. Currently it has a 20″ Riot length cylinder choke barrel, original 5-round tube magazine for 2-3/4″ shells, and has a Magpul MS1 sling and a Streamlight HL-X on a printed side rail that clamps between the barrel and magazine tube (no modifications done). I will be taking it squirrel hunting later this week to see how well it holds up in the field.

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