r/guns - 2020 was a slow year

r/weapons – 2020 was a sluggish yr

It’s true. I purchased much less weapons this yr than I had some other yr since I started amassing in 2015. Still fairly happy with what I acquired. From high to backside:

  • Bannerman 1896, made close to the ass-end of manufacturing in 1902

  • Merwin & Hulbert 1st Model, made between 1876-1878

  • Cosmi, an Italian shotgun with an extended manufacturing historical past and a few very uncommon options, made in 1959

  • Winchester 1911, y’know… the unhealthy 1911

  • Steyr Hahn, made in 1919 after which transformed to 9mm by the Germans

  • M1898 Krag, made in 1902

  • M1D, in the beginning constructed on a 1944 or 45 receiver and offered by the CMP in 1999

  • SACM 1935a, undecided when this one was made

  • LRB-built M14SA, with Hawk’s fake selector switch added by me

  • PTR-91, with some OG furnishings added by me

  • Beretta M9A3

  • HK91, from 1981 w/ case deflector, bipod, sling, and cleansing equipment

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