r/guns - 3D Printed Walther PPK (32ACP) Frame Testing

r/weapons – 3D Printed Walther PPK (32ACP) Frame Testing

This cursed contraption is a 3D printed body for a Walther PPK elements equipment. The motive it is so… uncommon is as a result of the unique fireplace management mechanism did not maintain up properly in any respect within the plastic body (it tore the body up in a short time). So I went to plan B and transformed the body to take an AR15 fireplace management group (with a lower down hammer).

Printed right here in PLA+, this body has survived 50 rounds now. The barrel mount is bolstered with metal wire (wrapped across the mount, then sealed in with melted PLA). The barrel itself was put in with just a bit JBWeld, which can approximate the tight, friction match these barrels had of their correct frames.

I’ll be testing this body till it breaks, then making a pair adjustments (particularly together with fixing the journal catch in order that it really works). If it could actually make it to ~250 rounds with out breaking utilizing the present wire-wrap reinforcement, I’ll call that ok and make the design somewhat extra visually interesting. If it would not make it to 250 rounds, I’ll most likely scratch the wire thought and simply switch to a hoop-shaped machining from aluminum or delicate metal that can retain the barrel.

And I suppose earlier than anybody will get their lederhosen in a bunch, whereas that is an unique early-war Nazi PPK elements equipment (which means the body was destroyed by order of legislation and the elements bought off as a full set of fix elements, minus the body), no everlasting modification to any of the unique elements is required and this setup would not push any of those elements previous their limits. It’s actually only a cool strategy to recycle a traditionally fascinating gun from it is elements.

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