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r/weapons – A little bit little bit of Miami Vice, a little bit little bit of Cyberpunk, an entire lot of superb

3D printed Mac 11 body I’ve been designing. This model is prepared for take a look at firing and shall be shot on the 19th. i’ve excessive confidence it will operate primarily based on related frames locally and a few evaluation utilizing Fusion 360’s inbuilt instruments. That being mentioned, I’m no engineer so it might nonetheless endure a failure.

If it really works at that vary journey, I’ll open issues as much as a small variety of beta testers, with the hopes to launch after a body hits 1K with out failures. It may even be let go with an untested open bolt model and the schematics for the OG suppressor design.

This is printed in Atomic Filament PLA Impact Modified black and makes use of a VMAC 9 full components equipment which retails for as little as $280.

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