r/guns - Another "what did granddad leave me" post!

r/guns – Another “what did granddad leave me” post!

These are my favorite types of posts because I learn so much from this community about things I would otherwise likely never have seen or know the history behind. Well, now it’s my turn to hopefully have some knowledge dropped on me! So Grand-dad recently left some boomsticks behind for me and most I know what they are but these ones have me at least semi-confused and looking for answers…so from left to right here is what I know:

I think this is some sort of Mauser Gewehr 98, although could be Frankensteined together too. The top reads: 1920 Waffenfabrik Mausera 0 Oberndorf A/N 1905. There is also an eagle and a 73 stamped on the left top of the receiver, and then to the left of the bolt on the receiver it says Gew 98. There isn’t too much else my untrained eye can see, and I don’t really know what type of ammo it eats although I’m guessing based on some research 7.92x57mm…? It seems to be in rougher shape but I think that just adds to the character and story!

This next one seems a bit more apparent but am hopeful maybe there is more that I don’t know that someone else might. Near the tip of the barrel on the left it reads: Ger 8mm MMC H.B. CA and a serial. I assume this was stamped upon import and says who imported (although I don’t know who HB is) and the caliber. Then on the receiver top it says S/147 1938 and a little star and eagle off to the left. It looks to have all numbers matching as everything has 4972 stamped on it from the bolt to the action to the stock. I also have a non-matching number bayonet that fits, but it looks to be in slightly rougher shape. My guess is a JP Sauer Mauser 98?

I have a feeling this one will be less ambiguous to everyone here as it’s a Remington 03-A3. The stock has RA and FJA stamped on it which seems common. The unknown to me is the rear sight, I’ve not been able to find another that has the same setup for elevation and windage. And I don’t know what this one shoots, I’m guessing 30-06?

And last up is a Remington Mohawk 600. This is 1 of 2 that I got but what’s weird about this one is that the barrel isn’t stamped with a caliber. It’s also significantly shorter than the other one leading me to believe it’s a kids rifle. But is there any information anyone can help with on where I can find the caliber? I could take the caliper and measure the bore now that I think about it…but that might only get me so far. Or maybe measure the action?

Thank you all so much for the help! I feel obligated to say that Grand-dad’s guns will never be for sale and will be passed along to my son and enjoyed in the family. With that is there anywhere I can check out to see their rough value? Maybe just going rates on gunbroker? Anyway, thank you all so much, it’s great to be part of such an amazing community.

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