r/guns - Bob the Skull Approves of my STI Staccato P

r/weapons – Bob the Skull Approves of my STI Staccato P

This is a 2019 mannequin, so it is nonetheless an STI, not a “Staccato” despite the fact that the mannequin is Staccato. God this firm must medicate its schizophrenia.

Because it is a 2019 it has a 4.15″ barrel which theoretically makes it legal for IDPA if you get rid of the ambi safety; it also has the dragon scale grips instead of the cheap 2020 Staccato grips.

This gun is my workhorse. You can see the wear, although the DLC finished slide is pretty impervious to my idiocy.

I added a green fiber optic and Dawson adjustable rear as well as an STI “brief” set off for my tiny girl hands. And an X300 as a result of in any other case the trolls on Reddit will make enjoyable of me.

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