r/guns - Defective Romeo4T?

r/guns – Defective Romeo4T?

So I bought into the hype and bought a Sig Romeo4T a few weeks ago, thinking that it would be nice to have the BDC drops when using a magnifier. The reticle itself is very nice and clear, but I have noticed a lot of internal reflection in the optic under normal lighting conditions, as shown here.

I’ve already initiated a return as this level of internal glare is not acceptable to me. I looked through my T2 under the exact same lighting conditions and there was no glare, so I will stick with the T2 for now. My question is if anyone else has similar internal glare on their 4Ts, or if its possible I got a defective unit? It’s a shame, because everything else about the optic was really nice, I guess I’ll have to wait for the supposed longer battery life EOTECH that’s on the horizon if I want a BDC reticle and not just a dot.

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