r/guns - Furniture Friday?

r/guns – Furniture Friday?

Is furniture Friday a thing yet?

My dad recently passed and I inherited this lamp. It started off life as an 1865 Springfield and was conveyed to a trapdoor using the allin conversion. The lock is dated 1865 and the allin conversion dated 1866.

I gave the lamp the full mark Novak conservation treatment. The metal was covered in a yellow layer of old furniture wax or polish. But I managed to get rid of all of it, convert the small amount of corrosion and polish it off with a carding wheel. The rifle was already in the white, which I believe is correct.

The lamp has been in my family since at least the 1950s when my great aunt married Al Jolson. We have some photos of Jolson with his son (my dad’s cousin’ and the lamp in the background.

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