r/guns - Happy .223 Day!

r/weapons – Happy .223 Day!

To have a good time the vacation, right here’s the .223/5.56 weapons in my assortment to this point.

Sig Sauer AG SG 552P

Mk18 Mod Zero clone construct

H&Ok Sl8/XM8 Tommybuilt Conversion


FB Radom Archer

Steyr AUG/SA

Hillbilly Firearms Galil ARM construct

Bushmaster ACR Enhanced Daewoo Max II

Marcolmar Cetme-LV/S FN FNC Sporter

H&Ok HK93

Sig Sauer AG SG550P

H&Ok Sl8/G36 Tommybuilt Conversion

M16A1 clone construct

M16A2 clone construct

Not pictured is a brand new Mini Beryl that simply discovered its technique to me.

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