r/guns - Long range rifle - Carbon fiber edition

r/guns – Long range rifle – Carbon fiber edition

Just picked her up on Monday, this is my Springfield 2020 Waypoint in 6.5 manbun

I traded in my Mossberg MVP on it, and kept the Vortex Viper PST gen2, then added the bipod and sling. This thing is wicked lightweight! As seen here, its something like 5oz heavier than a Bergara B14hmr is completely naked.

I hope to shoot it for the first time later today. I picked up some Hornady 129gr American Whitetail (for the brass more than anything) Federal 140gr Gold Medal Match w. Sierra Matchkings, and a Barns long range precision 140gr loading. Im expecting great things! They give a 0.75 MOA guarantee. Oh, and I have approx 25 handloads worked up in a ladder to try as well.

Will report back! Im hoping to find a load that groups exceptionally well, then jump right to ringing steel at 1k

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