r/guns - Milsurp Monday - a De-Shaved Webley Mark V

r/weapons – Milsurp Monday – a De-Shaved Webley Mark V

Here’s a venture I completed up this weekend. This Mark V had a shaved cylinder – as was completed to so many .455’s imported to the US within the 1950’s and 60’s. This was a collaborative venture with a buddy. We had spacer ‘rings’ and ‘stars’ produced from 1095 metal. Solid spacer rings have been floating round for fairly some time and i’ve a couple of of these but those work more like a moon clip. We had these made a bit oversize so that they could possibly be hand-fitted to the person cylinders as there’s at all times a little bit of variation between Webley parts. Once fitted I soldered on the cylinder spacer and extractor spacer. Once completed I cleaned up the joints, buffed and blued the naked metal and used Brownell’s Soft Solder Black to raised mix the seam.

Here’s the finished product. It now headspaces .455 cartridges properly. This repair retains the proper extractor function. Here is a comparability of (left to proper) a shaved cylinder, restored cylinder and original cylinder.

One last photo.

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