r/guns - Muh Dad got me a MP7!

r/weapons – Muh Dad obtained me a MP7!


Dad: Excuse me?

Me: uuuhhhh

Nah its a Kel-Tec CMR-30 or a Truly an incredible peice of engineering or no matter that person of the male persuasion with the PMR 30 was speaking about earlier than he deleted his submit as a result of everybody shit on his gun lol I had a A2 flash hider so I tossed it on for the pic together with the chitty pink dot.

Today I obtained my handguard extension within the mail from HAGA DEFENSE. Makes the gun look much less retarded and you may truly maintain it. Now I might’ve by no means purchased this gun however my brother owned me cash and to settle the debt he gave me 2 weapons, a Winchester 74 (win, however he did a bubba to it) and this CMR 30 (I truly needed his PMR 30 however he offered it). Also obtained about over 1,000 rds of .22 magazine and 1000 .22 LR out of the deal.

I used to be debating buying and selling this in a the gunstore however I figured if the handguard got here in inventory I’d get it and hold this for plinking. Now Im simply ready for the SwampFox pink dot to get out of opticsplanet jail in about 6-9 weeks. Normal, no A2 or mag hanging

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