r/guns - My new ODG Modern Musket.

r/guns – My new ODG Modern Musket.

A few weeks back I came across a sad and neglected AR in a pawnshop. For a sub 500 price it followed me home and then the question became how to make it better.

The gun in question had good bones. Its a product of the late 70s to early 80s and it showed. The lower is an Advanced Armaments LLC M15. Not the AAC we all know today. The first true billet lower however because there was no set “standards” back then it was pretty rough. Namely it didn’t like any mags. Pmags we’re an absolute no go they wouldn’t go in or drop free. Several hours of work with a needle file set and some 220 grit sandpaper and everything now fits and drops free excluding Lancers.

The question became what furniture to run. I know the purists out there will hate me for the Magpul but honestly it feels sort of A1 to me with how triangular the handguard and stock are. Plus this brings it more forward giving me more sling and accessories options.

I present to you my take on a Modern Musket.

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