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My only two guns so far. I used to own a few AR’s and some other guns but sold them during the pandemic. I only held onto the P365xl as it’s my carry gun and I ran it for almost a year as my home defense gun as well.

I wanted to upgrade for home defense to a full size pistol, and I’ve always liked the look of the p226 so I went and bought it used on gunbroker. You should’ve seen the original, completely fouled barrel and internals, so much dried lithium grease the hammer wouldn’t fully cock or depress, and the grips were old e2 style but completely worn to crap.

Anyway a little love and some nice g10 grips and the gun runs buttery smooth. I definitely think the gun needs the SRT as the over travel after you reset the trigger is super noticeable (even in single action). Aside from that, I took it to the range today and I was hitting bullseyes on both Double and Single action at 3,5, and 10 yards. Not super impressive, but I’m a novice on both pistols, and I’ve never owned a hammer fired pistol.

I’ve also been cycling the slide and doing a lot of dry fire work (with snap caps of course) and it seems to be smoothing out the pull length, or at least perceived pull length on Double action. I’ve been thinking of changing the hammer spring down to 18 lbs, but I’m not 100% convinced this won’t fuck up the timing of the slide. Anyway sorry for the rant, but I love the gun.

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