r/guns - Radio Based Hit Detector

r/guns – Radio Based Hit Detector

A while back while doing some long range shooting we were having trouble detecting hits at 1000 plus yards. I was going to buy a MagnetoSpeed but then I thought I could build one. Possible issues found with a light indicator was the ability to see it during bright day light, the light emitter proximity to the target (damage due to spalling), If the light were to be away from the target then a separate stand would be needed. After some development, I came up with a radio based hit detector. A small sensor is placed on the back of the target and a length of wire leads to the unit which is placed away from the target. The unit plugs into a radio, in this demo, a HAM radio. When the sensor detects a hit, it transmit in morse code “HIT”. In the demo it contains my call sign per FCC rules. But if this were to be connected to a regular radio, no need to include call sign. So its friendly to non-HAMs. The unit is powered by a USB power bank.


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