r/guns - Webley MK II - A Less Elegant Weapon from a Less Civilized Age

r/guns – Webley MK II – A Less Elegant Weapon from a Less Civilized Age

Hey folks,

A little while ago I picked up this Webley MK II.

Made approx. 1897, chambered in .455 Webley, though cut, like many, for .45ACP. From what I can tell, it is nitro proofed, though I am frankly uncertain of exactly what that means from a shooter’s perspective. There’s a good bit of bluing left, definitely some dings, dents, and probably holster wear, but it has no rust as far as I can tell, and the bore (after a thorough cleaning) is in remarkably nice shape. Extractor is still nice and snappy, and it locks up tight in the fully fired position. Broad arrow and N marked, which I gather means Royal Navy issue.

Being a Canadian, this is one of more desirable pistols you can pick up thanks to the fact that it is classed as an antique. This means, in the context of some of our sillier firearms legislation, that it does not require a license, there’s no registration, you aren’t limited to shooting it at a range, and you can carry it around in the bush.

I’ve picked up 200 rounds of Fiocchi .455 Webley MK II ammo, which I am very much looking forward to using to test this out. I have two spacer rings so I can use the .455 Webley ammo, and will (hopefully) get a few more made. I’m also planning on getting into handloading, which will be a fun project. (Does anyone know if you can use .455 Webley dies to load .45ACP and/or .45 Auto Rim cases?)

I’ve always wanted a Webley; my great grandfather carried one (likely a MK VI) in WWI where he served in the 1st Canadian Tunneling Company. I don’t have a ton of specific information about the nature of his service, but it’s probably not a stretch to imagine him kicking clay under no-mans land. He brought his Webley home after surviving the trenches, but it was sadly lost to time.

But now this one is mine, and it’s mine to keep. Happy for any information that anyone cares to share about this piece, reloading for it, and anything else.

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