r/guns - Who Would've Thought Finding Ammo Could Be So Hard in Current Year

r/guns – Who Would’ve Thought Finding Ammo Could Be So Hard in Current Year

Carcano Moschetto Modello 1891 from Brescia; I believe it’s a 1940 production based on the XIX marking on the barrel. Probably nothing special since Classic Firearms dumped a ton of these into the market from the Carabinieri surplusing them out, but I still think it’s a neat, handy little rifle. Plus, it gives me an excuse to try a different Scout-class rifle in Battlefield 1.

Hard to believe I bought this in February and only just got ammo for it. There’s been more than a few chances to pick some up, but I was waiting for prices to come down on AmmoSeek, or for stock to miraculously normalize into constant availability, but finally bit the bullet and bought a couple boxes for $2/round the most recent time a listing went up. Then I went back to Iowa for break and the LGS in the town north of mine had a single box in stock. Still waiting on those rounds from AmmoSeek, but I never thought I’d be as happy as I was to find a box of PPU in a store lmao

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