Richmond, Virginia is Working Hard to Protect the Mobs From You

Richmond, Virginia is Working Hard to Protect the Mobs From You


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Now that the rights-violating Virginia legislature has given native jurisdictions the power to dream up their very own infringements of primary human/civil rights, it seems that the town of Richmond has gone hog wild.

At the August 10 assembly of the Richmond City Council, the Stoney administration launched an ordinance to switch present Richmond City Code part 19-334.1; Carrying Firearms in Certain Places.

Currently, the code bans firearms in city-owned and -operated parks and amenities. The newly launched ordinance would additionally prohibit the possession, carrying or transportation of any firearms in any public avenue, street, alley, sidewalk, public right-of-way or any open public area when it’s being utilized by, or is adjoining to, an occasion that requires a metropolis allow.

This ordinance doesn’t broadly ban firearms in these public areas. Rather, it bans firearms when a permitted occasion, or an occasion that needs to be permitted, is going down.

Tote the weather of that press launch which I emphasised.

Now think about that you’re strolling or driving down the road in possession of your lawfully possessed defensive firearm and your concealed carry license. Suddenly, an unpermitted flash mob — be it Bolshevik Lying Marxists or PantyFa — assembles.

You at the moment are a legal; a Class 1 misdemeanor good for a 12 months in jail and a $2,500 superb. Apparently, even when the mob is a block over from you, you’re “near” it. Because another person determined to carry an unlawful public assembly.

Mayor Stoney’s workplace didn’t reply to questions, nor make the precise proposed ordinance textual content obtainable. Taking the press launch at face worth, there isn’t any exemption for licensed hid carry. It is unknown how they plan to implement this. Neither “near” nor “adjacent” is outlined.

Richmond Mayor Stoney is proposing to preemptively disarm you — an precise peaceful individual — for the mob’s comfort.


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