Rossi Announces the New Single Shot Break-Action Rossi Polymer Survival Rifle in .410/.45LC


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From Rossi . . .

Simple. Durable. Reliable. These are all words that come to mind when thinking of features in a last-ditch wilderness rifle. They’re also all features of the all-new Rossi Survival Rifle.

Built on the same tough-as-nails action as the Rossi Brawler pistol, the Survival Rifle is a 16-inch carbine with a hammer-forged barrel that accepts either 45 Colt or up to 3-inch 410 bore shotshells. The single-action trigger is crisp and breaks to the rear with minimal stacking, allowing shooters to place that all-important single shot exactly where they want it.

Additionally, the Survival Rifle features a polymer stock that holds additional ammunition, allowing outdoors enthusiasts to have plenty of extra ammo within reach. The automatic ejectors kick spent hulls and shells free of the gun with authority so that if you do need to reload, you can do it efficiently.

Lastly, the Survival Rifle can be quickly and easily broken down for easy transportation, fitting into small 72-hour bags or larger rucksacks. With an MSRP of $371, there’s no reason the newest offering from Rossi shouldn’t find its way onto your next outdoors adventure.

MSRP = $371

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