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Seattle’s mayor, along with a gaggle of dedicated radicals on the Seattle city council, are busying themselves with another round of defunding the city’s police department. Because the last round of cuts didn’t do enough wonderful things for the Emerald City.

That’s right, they’re proposing to cut another $11 million from the already beleaguered department’s proposed budget, including slashing the number of hires by nearly 50% to 120.

Gosh, it’s almost like Seattle’s elected government is trying to promote still more crime and violence. Maybe “defund the police” politicians see higher crime and more dead bodies as just a small price to pay for burnishing their woke “social justice” credentials.

KTTH has spilled the beans . . .

Despite a rise in crime, some on the City Council are trying to defund the Seattle Police Department again. Too bad it’s getting scant or disingenuous coverage.

The council is currently debating Mayor Bruce Harrell’s budget. Anti-police councilmember Teresa Mosqueda, who once defended a man threatening to murder police, is looking to cut funds from the SPD permanently. She just doesn’t want you to realize it’s part of the defund movement.

Harrell’s budget temporarily cuts $11 million dollars from the budget. The money would have been used to fill 200 open staff positions, but it was cut to fund only 120. The SPD is dangerously understaffed, so why would they cut the budget?

Normally, this would be foolish. But thanks to the virulently anti-police council, it will be impossible to fill the open positions. The department has already lost roughly 500 police since the Black Lives Matter riots and protests. They’ll be lucky to hire the 120 they’re budgeting for…

What’s more, Councilwoman Mosqueda is working to make sure her latest “defund the police” move is permanent, no matter how how much things deteriorate in Seattle.

But Mosqueda does not want the cut to be temporary. Her amendment permanently cuts the funding in future budgets. She wants you to think this is reasonable and not in line with her previous successful efforts to defund the police.

Seattle’s city council will vote on the budget and amendments tomorrow. Don’t bet against the cuts being approved.

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