Seattle's Rising Body Count Shows - Again - That Gun Control Doesn't Work

Seattle’s Rising Body Count Shows – Again – That Gun Control Doesn’t Work


From the CCRKBA:

A Wednesday report in the Seattle Times affords extra proof that restrictions positioned on law-abiding Washington State gun house owners, plus a tax on gun and ammunition gross sales in Seattle, have dramatically failed to scale back violent crime as promised, the Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms mentioned.

In 2014, the Seattle-based Alliance for Gun Responsibility, a gun prohibition lobbying group largely funded by rich Seattle-area elitists, pushed by way of Initiative 594, a so-called “universal background check” measure that was supposed to maintain weapons out of the flawed hands.

In 2015, the Seattle City Council pushed by way of the gun tax that has by no means come near its income forecast. In 2018, the gun ban foyer rammed by way of Initiative 1639, which prohibits younger adults from buying any sort of semiautomatic rifle and requires an “enhanced” background verify and 10-day ready interval, plus proof of coaching.

“All of these restrictive gun control measures have only penalized law-abiding citizens,” famous CCRKBA Chairman Alan Gottlieb. “All three have failed miserably, and the time has come for the gun ban lobby to admit it and allow each of these bogus crime fighting tools to be repealed. Indeed, gun prohibitionists should fold their tents and go home in shame, because their anti-violence ‘remedies’ have proven to be nothing more than snake oil.”

Seattle homicides by month 2019 2020

Courtesy Seattle Times

This week, Seattle reportedly matched its 2019 murder complete. With 4 months remaining within the 12 months, the physique rely for town, and sure the remainder of the state, will solely go up. Law-abiding gun house owners should not the issue, and restrictive gun management legal guidelines should not the answer, CCRKBA mentioned.

“The gun prohibition lobby should apologize to Washington gun owners,” Gottlieb mentioned. “Not solely has the Alliance for Gun Responsibility pushed to disarm sincere residents, it additionally sides with violent protesters who need to defund police, and whose occupation of a Seattle neighborhood earlier this summer season resulted in 4 non-fatal shootings and two homicides what place the victims had been each black teenagers.

“When all of these laws were proposed,” he recalled, “we predicted they wouldn’t work, an we’ve been confirmed proper. Homicides have crept upwards over all of Washington state throughout the previous few years. The billionaire-backed crusade in opposition to gun house owners and their rights has been an unmitigated catastrophe. They’ve given individuals a false sense of safety whereas trampling on their rights.

“How many more must die before the anti-gun right extremists admit they’ve been wrong?”


With greater than 650,000 members and supporters nationwide, the Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms ( is likely one of the nation’s premier gun rights organizations. As a non-profit group, the Citizens Committee is devoted to preserving firearms freedoms by way of energetic lobbying of elected officers and facilitating grass-roots group of gun rights activists in native communities all through the United States.


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