Security Video Captures Off-Duty Chicago Cop Shooting a Man After Being Attacked

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“‘The tussle that they had, almost had me in tears because she’s a tiny little person. I’m glad that she was able to keep herself together and do what she needed to do to come out alive,’ said the unidentified neighbor,” to a reporter regarding a shooting on Chicago’s south side last month.

That tiny little person was an off-duty cop. Maybe the late Leevon Smith was unaware of that when he grabbed her and reportedly tried to take her handgun.

The video above shows snippets of the attack and struggle for the gun (and has audio of the fight). The video below from across the street shows what led up to the shooting.

There was an argument or animated discussion involving four people in which the off-duty officer became involved, possibly trying to calm things down. Whatever she said, three of the men walked away (5:20). After some more discussion between the officer and Smith she tries to leave as well. That’s when she was grabbed by Smith (6:52).

From fox32chicago.com . . .

An arrest report shows the cop told responding officers that the shooting happened after she witnessed “a verbal argument.” She said Smith grabbed her from behind and reached for her gun “in an attempt to disarm her.”

She and Smith eventually fell to the ground while struggling for the gun, the report states. The officer then opened fire, striking Smith in his abdomen and left hand. Smith was taken into custody and brought to Christ Medical Center in Oak Lawn, where he was pronounced dead on Jan. 20.

Again, it isn’t clear whether Smith or the other three men knew she was a cop when she broke up the argument. If Smith knew and tried to attack her anyway, the collective IQ on Chicago’s south side just has risen incrementally.

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