Self Defense Tip: Carry a Spare Magazine

Self Defense Tip: Carry a Spare Magazine

A variety of gun house owners fear about their gun going “click” as a substitute of “bang” once they actually need it. With primary upkeep and utilizing good self-defense (i.e. jacketed hollow-point) ammunition, the overwhelming majority of recent handguns are extremely dependable. As lengthy as you check hearth your gun and ammo combination on a comparatively common foundation, you’ll have little trigger for concern.

That mentioned, the will to scale back the percentages of a mechanical malfunction is completely comprehensible. The single almost definitely reason for failure: the ammunition magazine.

The regular justification for carrying a spare ammunition journal: extra rounds! Fair sufficient, however provided that the questionable outdated maxim that the typical gunfight is three rounds in three seconds at three yards, there’s an much more necessary motive to hold a spare: you want a Plan B if Magazine A fails.

That’s why so many producers spend a lot money and time creating dependable magazines. It’s additionally why the aftermarket for high-quality magazines is so strong. Gun and journal makers know gun house owners don’t ever wish to have to make use of a Plan B. It’s additionally why many educated gun consumers look at the durability of a gun’s magazines when making their firearms choice.

9mm ammunition magazine disassembled

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Yes, it’s that necessary. Even so, excrement occurs. Magazine feed lips (the highest of the journal) can get bent or dinged. Dirt and different out of the country substances find their way into magazines. Springs finally lose their springiness. In brief, your ammunition journal is more likely to fail than your gun.

magazine feed lips

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To hedge in opposition to {a magazine} failure, look at them frequently. Look for out of the country substances; ensure your mags are each clean and functional. Check for bent feed lips, or another injury. If a magazine masses and unloads nicely, the slide locks again when empty and shoots reliably, you need to be good to go. But it’s essential shoot them to know.

It’s price repeating: the gun vary is greatest place to examine your journal/ammunition combination.

sings double stack magazines

Single and double stack magazines (By Martin Meise – Own work, CC BY 3.0)

If you expertise a magazine-related failures, attempt different related magazines. If there’s an issue with one magazine — what place your different, equally loaded magazines don’t fail — don’t carry the non-operational mag. (Mark it with an X on the underside with a white Sharpie and set it apart to make use of for failure drills.) If your whole magazines fail, change your ammo. If that doesn’t resolve your drawback, seek the advice of a gunsmith.

More than that, carry a spare magazine and apply on-the-fly magazine modifications, together with altering mags when you’re shifting. You can do this at home with empty magazines and a safety-checked, unloaded firearm. There are magazine holders and clips of various sorts, each in your pocket and your belt. They make carrying a spare straightforward. Use one.

Bottom line: carry an additional ammunition journal and practice with it. Your life might rely on it.

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