SHOT Show 2024: Lionheart Vulcan Lineup

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I’ve never shot a Lionheart pistol, but lots of people I know really enjoy those firearms. After hearing how great they are for the umpteenth time, I marched down to their booth at SHOT and started peeking around. It turns out Lionheart had an entirely new handgun named the Vulcan coming out. It admittedly has nothing to do with Spock.

The Lionheart Vulcan – Get Onboard the Hype Train

The Vulcan is a DA/SA pistol with the Lionheart double-action plus trigger. This trigger system allows the user to lower the hammer by just pressing it forward. Once the hammer is done, the trigger pull has the same length of pull but is a helluva lot lighter than the initial double action pull.

The Vulcan comes in four different configurations. This includes the Combat with its threaded barrel, the Ember, the Shadow and the Anode. There are slight differences between the guns, but each of them is optics-ready, each has a rail and each has an ambidextrous safety.

Several of the Lionheart Vulcan series features a magazine with a base plate that houses a Multitasker Nano tool. This way, you can always adjust your optic. The Vulcan series features a built-in gas pedal-style grip system, too. The guns will be made for both right and left-handed shooters.

The sights use the same dovetail as P365 sights, which means there is a built-in market for replacements. The optics are set so low the normal sights included with the gun will have a lower 1/3rd co-witness with most optics. The footprints include the Shield RMSc and the Trijicon RMRcc.

The ergonomics are fantastic. Metal frame grips are just better, and it shows with the Vulcan series. The grips are heavily textured for a good grip. Overall, these are premium-tier pistols, and the price reflects it. With an MSRP of over $1,500 for each gun, they won’t be in everyone’s budget. Perosnally I love DA/SA guns so I might save up my lunch money.

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