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Silencer Shop: How to Clean Your Silencer [VIDEO]

Silencer Shop: How to Clean Your Silencer [VIDEO]


Silencer Shop partnered up with SilencerCo to convey you an unique video tutorial on methods to clean your suppressor. You’ll see SiCo’s Dewie Vieira and Josh “Beaver” Graham provide the dirty particulars on numerous methods to wash your silencer.

Dewie and Beaver will likely be diving into rimfire versus centerfire (and the way their filth buildup differs), numerous cleansing strategies, what to search for throughout the cleansing course of, and necessities for cleansing a suppressor.

As Dewie and Beaver state, it’s all the time greatest to seek the advice of along with your maker’s educational information on methods to clean their particular silencers. Covering ultrasonic cleansing, moist media tumbling, dry media tumbling, a brush and elbow grease, the dip, and the soda blaster, watch to see which strategies preserve SilencerCo suppressors squeaky clean and prepared for the vary.


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