Simple Campfire Bread Recipe: Learn How To Bake

One things to eat merchandise that nearly everybody has of their house is bread. 

It is a staple of our pantries that’s easy, extraordinarily versatile, and attractive! Not to say there’s a massive number of recipes for making it. 

One of my all-time favourite bread recipes is one which I realized as a child. Now i’m not a baker by any means, and normally I do not need the persistence for making bread regardless that I do like it. But the recipe in todays article is so easy that you just actually can not mess it up and it’s super fast to make! 

The fantastic thing about this bread is that it requires solely two elements! That’s proper, two elements! And it’s cooked over a fireplace, which provides it some nice taste.

I consider this recipe that was taught to me so a few years in the past relies on the best way to make ash truffles, which is a bread that troopers use to make within the discipline with minimal provides. Let’s discuss these provides, beginning with the warmth supply. 

Heat Source 

As simply talked about above, I will probably be utilizing an outdoor wood fire to cook dinner this bread so you will need to be sure to have an space what place you may get a fireplace going and be sure you have loads of firewood. 

Next, there are a few completely different ways in which the bread can be cooked. It might be cooked on a stick (which is my most well-liked methodology) on a flat piece of wood/rock, or immediately on the new ashes. 

You are going to need the identical dimension of a stick as you’d use for roasting marshmallows or hotdogs over a campfire. A chunk of wood that’s multiple toes lengthy and roughly the identical diameter as your finger ought to work properly. 

When utilizing a rock/flat piece of wood the scale of the rock or wood doesn’t matter. The floor solely must be as flat as potential, and huge sufficient to assist the dough. Finding the correct of rock for this can be tough so utilizing a bit of wood appears to be a extra widespread alternative.  

The final methodology is to put the dough immediately on a pile of sizzling ash, which for probably the most half is fairly self-explanatory. 

Survival Campfire Bread Recipe 

There are two variations of this recipe, the fundamental recipe and one that may be customized based mostly on the fundamental recipe.

Basic Recipe 

Here is what you’ll need:

  • 2 cups flour
  • 1 cup of water
  • A small bowl or cup to combine the dough
  • That’s it!

I take advantage of all-purpose flour however that may be swapped out for any flour that you just favor.

You can add a mixing utensil or rolling pin to the above listing however I simply use my hands. 

Personalize It!

The above recipe could also be a too bland for some individuals however take into account making an attempt the fundamental model first as cooking over a wood does make it style good.

However, the recipe might be spiced up a bit by including no matter appeals to your tastebuds. A pinch of salt, sugar, some nuts, or a couple of items of dried fruit.


I have a tendency to stay with the fundamental recipe as a result of it requires so little that it could possibly simply be made within the discipline subsequent to a campfire. 

The very first thing that I love to do is to get my fire going in order that it is able to go as soon as I’m executed mixing the dough. A big roaring fireplace isn’t required however you want a great base of sizzling embers. 

After the hearth goes the flour and water must be mixed right into a small bowl and combined. This is what place you might want so as to add a bit extra flour or water as you’re employed the combination. 

I intention for a consistency of dough that may be held within the hand with out it being so sticky that the dough clings to your pores and skin. If the dough is just too sticky add in a bit little bit of flour and blend. Repeat till the fitting consistency is reached. 

Cook Time!

My favourite technique to cook dinner this bread is through the use of the stick methodology. Once I discover the fitting stick, I like to make use of my pocketknife to shave the bark away from the final eight inches or so from the top. I then place this peeled finish of the stick over the hearth to assist dry it out. 

Next, I seize some dough that’s roughly the scale of 1 to 2 golf balls. I place them in my hands and roll it out into an extended rope form. 

I take this rope form and twist it across the cooking finish of the stick. As the dough is twisted on, the perimeters of the wrap might be touching each other or spaced out. It doesn’t matter the way you do that, however I’ll add two fast bits of recommendation. 

The ends of the dough generally don’t like sticking to the wood inflicting the ends of the dough to hold down. So, I normally stretch every finish out a bit and press it into the closest dough part. 

Lastly, when the dough is repeatedly across the stick so that each one the dough is touching, it tends to bake extra like a croissant. The total outer layer browns, holding the bread collectively. After cooking, the entire thing ought to slide off the stick as one piece.  

When it’s all able to go, I maintain the dough over the coals for about fifteen to twenty minutes although the cooking time could fluctuate relying on the thickness of the dough and the temperature.  

The stick must be turned periodically so that each one the dough cooks evenly and doesn’t grow to be burned on one facet. 

However, there could also be a couple of small parts on the bread that grow to be blackened however don’t worry as that solely provides some extra taste. But usually, I prefer to brown as much of the skin of the dough as potential with out over cooking it. 

Too busy to take a seat there and maintain the stick? No, drawback. If different duties require your consideration there’s a hands-free methodology for cooking this.

After the dough has been wrapped on the stick, press the alternative finish of the stick into the bottom close to the hearth and angle the entire thing in the direction of the warmth supply. You will nonetheless need to verify the bread usually and switch the stick to make sure it cooks evenly. 

Once it’s been cooked to your liking, the bread might be unwrapped from the stick or slid off. 

The result’s a crunchy outer layer with a heat smooth inside, like a sizzling smooth pretzel you should purchase from a mall or outside vendor.  

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