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Students at the Washington DC-based George Washington University are vehemently opposed to arming the school’s police officers. They protested it earlier this spring and now that the change has been implemented without the sky actually falling, the school’s delicate souls still aren’t happy about it. Why? Because these snowflakes believe that they face greater risk from armed police officers than they do from violent criminals. In the heart of D.C.

It isn’t clear if ‘higher education’ in this case refers to the level of matriculation or the average consumption of marijuana by the school’s students. Because short of habitual use of THC, clear-thinking people can’t actually think they face a greater risk from armed police officers than they do from recidivist law-breakers. Can they?

Sure, there are anomalies, but generally speaking, an armed society tends to be a very polite society.

NBC4 Washington covered it . . .

Dozens of George Washington University students took to the streets Monday to voice their opposition to the school’s plan to arm some campus police officers with guns.

Interim President Mark Wrighton announced in a letter to students Thursday that the university’s Board of Trustees directed the administration to develop a plan to arm specially trained GW Police Department officers…

But some students who marched to the president’s campus home on Monday argued that arming officers will make them feel less safe.

Things haven’t improved much since the proposal was approved and implemented. In fact Campus Reform visited the GWU in recent days to talk with the students to get their thoughts.  Here’s part of their story . . .

Even when acknowledging the mass shootings that have plagued the nation, increasing criminal incidents on Campus, students were more concerned about the Police being armed.

“I’m personally not for it,” said one student “Why add guns to the problem?” 

But despite most acknowledging that increasing crime rates were a problem, many of the students maintained the stance that it would be best to leave the police unarmed.

The video produced by Campus Reform highlighted the reasoning of some of the school’s deepest thinkers . . .

All it will take for these hapless, hoplophobic scholars to fully embrace gun ownership and the right to keep and bear arms is a mostly peaceful event that leaves them feeling threaten for their safety. Not that anything bad ever happens on or around the GWU campus.

It’s amazing how people embrace gun ownership after they become the victims of or narrowly escape being affected by violent crime. It tends to changes their whole outlook on guns. Because, as most of us know: the only thing that stops bad people with evil in their hearts is a good person with a gun.

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