Spicy Muscles Three Ways – Academy of Self Defense


Hello, home workout warriors!

Get ready to turn your living room into a cauldron of fitness with today’s sizzling session: “Spicy Muscles Three Ways”. This Timed AMRAP workout is set to bring the zest of the gym right to your doorstep via Zoom!

Here’s the recipe for today’s sweat session:

  • Legs and Shoulders: Squats and presses that’ll make you feel like you’re standing atop a mountain.
  • Back and Biceps: Rows and curls that will have you ready to conquer any challenge.
  • Chest and Triceps: Push-ups and dips that sculpt and define.

Every circuit is a new layer of flavor, each more intense than the last, and Coach Andrea is the master chef guiding you through each rep with the kind of energy that’ll have you pushing past your limits.

So, grab your water bottle, roll out your mat, and fire up Zoom at 10 am today. It’s time to season your day with strength, endurance, and a dash of fun!


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