Hey Santa Clara, Today’s workout is a jumprope jubilee with a kettlebell twist! Welcome to “Trouble Unders”, where we’re combining the finesse of double unders with the might of kettlebells. It’s a recipe for a full-body tune-up that will have your heart singing and your muscles zinging! Here’s what we’reRead More →

Rev Up Your Morning with ‘Jumpstart’ WOD!” Good morning, Santa Clara fitness family! Today’s ‘Jumpstart’ WOD is like a double shot of espresso for your workout routine. With Coach Andrea leading the charge on Zoom, this two-round AMRAP (As Many Reps As Possible) is designed to boost your energy andRead More →

Get Ready to Blaze the Trail with ‘Whiskey WOD #36: Run & Gun’! Hello, Santa Clara Speedsters! Today at noon, it’s time to set the track on fire with ‘Whiskey WOD #36: Run & Gun’. This workout isn’t just about pushing the pace; it’s about igniting your inner athlete inRead More →

Elevate Your Day with ‘ASD 120’: A Full-Body Fitness Challenge! Good morning, Santa Clara fitness enthusiasts! Are you ready to elevate your fitness game? “ASD 120” is here, and it’s packed with a series of exercises that will challenge every muscle in your body. Led by the dynamic Coach Ilya,Read More →

Hello, Santa Clara fitness family! Today’s workout is Santa-approved and it’s coming to town with a twist! Are you feeling ‘Naughty or Nice’? At the Academy of Self Defense, we’re giving you the power to decide with our creatively crafted “Naughty or Nice” WOD. Here’s the holiday scoop: For thoseRead More →

Hello, fitness trailblazers! Are you ready to bounce, toss, and roll into one of the most exhilarating workouts we’ve ever designed? At the Academy of Self Defense in Santa Clara, we’ve just whipped up the “Ballers 100”, and trust us, it’s nothing short of spectacular. Here’s the lowdown on BallersRead More →

Elevate Your Morning with ‘EZ DAY 13’ AMRAP Challenge! Hello, Santa Clara’s morning movers! Rise and shine! It’s time to greet the day with ‘EZ DAY 13’, a workout that’s anything but easy. This AMRAP (As Many Reps As Possible) is designed to jump-start your morning with a burst ofRead More →