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Taurus this week announced their newest 9mm polymer-framed striker-fired pistol, the G3c, pitched to personal defense and EDC users.

The $350-ish G3 was introduced late last year, essentially as a more full-sized version of the company’s successful G2c series pistols. Whereas the Glock G19-sized G3 runs a 4-inch barrel and 7.28-inch overall length, the new G3c is more compact due to its 3.2-inch barrel and resulting 6.3-inch overall length. Likewise, the smaller frame height trims the magazine well slightly, with the G3c able to use 10- or 12-round mags as well as the standard G3’s 15- and 17-round sticks.

Taurus G3c

Weight of the new Taurus G3c is 22-ounces, unloaded, and will be available with 10- or 12-round magazines, depending on state limits. It is just slightly larger than the Springfield Armory Hellcat but costs about $200 less. (Photo: Taurus)

Taurus G3c lightbox image

While Taurus has its roots in Brazil, the company has been expanding in the U.S. for years and has a new production facility in Bainbridge, Georgia. (Photo: Taurus)

Standard features include dovetailed all-steel adjustable sights that are billed as “accepting common aftermarket” replacements– Rival Arms points out that most standard Glock-pattern sights work– as well as a Tenifer finished slide, Teflon-coated internals, and a stainless steel barrel. The gun also has both front and rear slide serrations and uses the Taurus 3rd Gen trigger, which has a flatter face and shorter reset.

Taurus G3c compact in Crossbreed holster

Missouri-based Crossbreed Holsters announced this week they have several offerings for those looking to carry the new Taurus G3c compact. (Photo: Crossbreed)

The MSRP of the Taurus G3c is $305.74– a price that should drop into the high $200s at retailers– and the gun ships with three magazines, which is nice in a world where many companies often just want to toss in a single mag and charge for extras.

How does it shoot? Drew with Beyond Seclusion has an early 500-round review on the new 9mm, below.



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