The Media’s Use of Journalistic Ethics in Their Coverage of ‘Gun Violence’

A new form of ethics prevails among the leftists. A form based upon the assumption that the left is of superior intellect, superior culture, and of infinite compassion. In this new form it is perfectly acceptable to lie, distort, twist, and fabricate to dismiss and defeat those of us with lesser qualification (such as people of faith, patriots, and those who do real science).

The left fully believes the acquisition of power determines that which is ethical. Since they do not believe in an objective morality, they have no barriers such as honesty or conscience.

They should study Goethe. No system can be validated from within; a system can only be validated through an objective external truth. Without reference to that externality, there is only supposition and theory.

In other words, the left’s belief that their feelings of superiority justify all forms of malfeasance is conical, spiraling ever downward, like a flushing toilet, toward a septic singularity.

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