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News4 out of Dothan, Alabama, reports that a man was shot and killed after he broke into a home on a Saturday afternoon and began assaulting an ex-girlfriend.

The Dothan Police Department reported Charles Kevin Sexton, 55, of nearby Ashford, was hunting for his ex-girlfriend and suspected she was hiding in the house. It turns out he was right. What he didn’t have the right to do was break down several doors in the home in his effort to find her.

Sexton was the passenger in a vehicle and got out of the car upon arriving at the home.

According to another local news station, WDHN, Sexton not only broke down the main door of the residence in the home searching for his ex, but also a second door, forcing his way past the homeowner, who tried to get Sexton to leave. Sexton refused and broke down a third door, behind which he found the woman and began beating her.

The homeowner, who police did not identify, retrieved a handgun and again demanded Sexton stop the assault.

“At that time, the suspect began to charge at the homeowner who then shot him one time in the upper torso. The suspect exited the residence and entered the same vehicle and left. The suspect was dropped off at Southeast Health Emergency Department where he was later pronounced dead,” the DPN reported in a news release.

“After consulting with the Houston County District Attorney, it is not believed there will be any charges against the homeowner for the shooting death of Sexton due to him acting in self-defense (sic) on his own property as well as for the protection of another individual,” the DPD release stated.

In Alabama, as in many states, the use of deadly force is justified in defending yourself or stopping an attack on a third-person where a reasonable fear of death or serious injury is present.

Americans use guns to defend themselves about 1.6 million times every year, usually without having to pull a trigger. That’s not something the Gun Control Industry wants you to know about. Instead, they preach that no one should own a gun, citing a long-ago debunked “stucy” claiming that having a firearm in the home increases the likelihood of your being shot.

If given their way, they’d prefer that people like the homeowner and the ex in this incident remain unarmed and vulnerable. They’d rather see them become victims and not have the ability to defend themselves.

Fortunately, Americans have a right to keep and bear arms for exactly these kinds of situations.

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