Virginia: Now Officially Of The Criminals, By The Criminals, and For The Criminals

Virginia: Now Officially Of The Criminals, By The Criminals, and For The Criminals

richmond robert e. lee statue

Statue of Robert E. Lee in Richmond, Virginia (courtesy Jeff Hulbert)

The hellhole-to-be that individuals call the state of Virginia” is definitely the commonwealth of Virginia. I suggest a invoice that may change the identify to one thing a bit extra fashionable and consultant of what the state is turning into.

Crimewealth of Virginia

I perceive that geographically, a lot of the state is filled with acceptable individuals who respect legal guidelines, rights and simply need to be left alone. But the unhappy reality is that they’re now out-voted by the city Crime Party.

If you want proof of what the Crime Party has in retailer for the Old Dominion, look no additional than their newest transfer within the Virginia Senate as reported by the Daily Wire:

Virginia Dems Pass Bill Allowing Assault Of A Police Officer To Be Treated As A Misdemeanor

A abstract of the invoice notes that the measure:

Eliminates the necessary minimal time period of confinement for an assault and battery dedicated towards a decide; Justice of the Peace; law-enforcement officer; correctional officer; particular person instantly concerned within the care, therapy, or supervision of inmates; firefighter; or volunteer firefighter or any emergency medical providers personnel and gives that such crime can not be dedicated as a easy assault and should lead to a bodily harm.

In brief, the Democrats Criminal Party simply declared cops, officers of the courtroom and different first responders to be honest game. It’s a part of an ongoing push to guard a bunch they see as one in every of their core constituencies: criminals.

In their proposal, Virginia Democrats defined that the invoice would “defelonize assault[s] on law enforcement officer (return to misdemeanor offense)” and would get rid of the necessary minimal sentence imposed in a change to the legislation made in 1997.

This newest transfer is only a follow-up to different payments they’ve voted on that may . . .

  • Ignore legal activity
  • Ease bail necessities
  • Reduce penalties for legal convictions
  • Restore extra felons’ rights

That final is a biggie. An earlier Criminal Party governor made a degree of restoring voting rights for 173,000 convicted felons. Guess who they voted for.

The effective of us who — whereas ignoring legal constituent activity — did, nevertheless, inflict this on the Virginia’s residents who need to be law-abiding. They’re set on ensure you can’t be your personal first-responder by enacting . . .

  • Universal preemptively-prove-your-innocence background checks
  • Firearm rationing
  • Allowed native jurisdictions to determine gun-free goal wealthy atmosphere zones.
  • Magazine restrictions
  • “Red flag” firearm confiscation

They tried and failed to enact an “assault weapons” ban, however have pledged to take one other crack at that through the subsequent legislative session.

Notice that not one of the “common sense safety measures” enacted by the newly dominant Criminal Party impacts precise criminals who bypass lawful channels and get their weapons by the black market or crime networks.

If you want extra proof of The Party’s devotion to its constituents, whereas Governor Coonman’s confederates within the legislature have been making it much less punishing to assault legislation enforcement officers, Republicans made a token effort to increase penalties for the legal misuse of firearms. The Criminal Party killed that off.

Richmond’s metropolis fathers and moms have been fast to exercise their newly given gun-banning power, creating open operation zones for criminals and rioters, enacting random, rolling, unmarked, “gun-free” zones. Someone can get away a megaphone and create an “event” at a second’s discover and you then turn into a legal for being wherever close to it. If the criminals determine to throw a riot, it will illegal for you to have the ability to defend your self.

Richmond is a most cancers, and it’s metastasizing.

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