What Happens When You Shoot a Car With Frangible 9mm Ammunition? [VIDEO]

What Happens When You Shoot a Car With Frangible 9mm Ammunition? [VIDEO]



Most frangible ammunition is made by compressing copper powder (both pure or with tin and/or polymer added) into the form of a bullet on a machine principally similar to the sort used to fabricate drugs tablets. When a frangible spherical hits one thing onerous — a metal plate, a rock, and so forth. — POOF! It transforms again into mud.

But simply how simply does that occur? Does frangible ammo return to mud if it hits one thing like a automotive door? A window? A tire?

To discover out, Nick and that I hit the vary with a container of Sinterfire 9mm and a backyard selection GLOCK 19. The outcomes shocked each of us.

If you’re at work or simply don’t like watching movies, right here’s the spoiler:

The frangible 9mm zipped by means of one automotive door, by means of the door card, by means of the different door card, and generally exited the door on the far facet of the automotive. The bullet shed copper the entire approach — it entered the primary door at 9mm and exited the second at perhaps 4mm…who is aware of? But it seems to have stayed fairly lethal the entire approach.

A frangible spherical zipped by means of the trunk and thru the rear seat, with a few small chunks remaining in tact sufficient to puncture its approach into the entrance seat.

Another one made it by means of each sidewalls of a steel-belted radial tire and punched by means of the plastic wheel effectively liner.

One made it proper by means of a solid aluminum valve cowl. What it did inside there or what is the cost strong projectile was left, if any, after breaking by means of, we don’t know.

Interestingly, the frangible 9mm didn’t like automobile glass. Even shooting on the pre-fractured security glass of the rear window, the bullet was diminished principally to mud and probably just a few chunks, although the injury we noticed from “copper chunks” might have been attributable to flying glass, too.

Laminated windshield glass additionally appeared to principally destroy the projectile. At least, it actually turned much of it into mud. Certainly greater than the sheet steel did.

So there you will have it. Once once more, we discover {that a} automotive offers concealment, however not cowl until you’re behind a strong chunk of steel just like the engine block, hubs/brakes, and so forth. Even when you’re dealing with frangible pistol ammo.

Nick and that I had been shocked to see this sort of ammo move utterly by means of two automotive doorways. We wouldn’t have guessed {that a} pane of automotive glass, whether or not window or windshield, is definitely higher at turning a frangible projectile again into mud than metal physique panels, however there you go.


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