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Wichita cops say a 19-year-old named Trevor Wende pulled a knife during a road rage incident. A bystander saw the hot-head draw the knife and pulled his gun. Fortunately, Mr. Wende had the good sense to drop the knife and the good Samaritan kept things from escalating until police arrived.

Yahoo News has the story . . .

A passerby stopped a road rage incident where a knife was brandished after he held a man at gunpoint until police arrived Friday night on 21st Street North near I-135, Wichita police spokesperson Chad Ditch said.

Trevor Wende, 19, of Wichita was treated at a hospital before being arrested on suspicion of aggravated assault and criminal damage to property, Ditch said. The road rage incident started on 21st near Hillside while both drivers were headed west, Ditch said. He wasn’t sure what exactly sparked the road rage.

At the light at 21st and I-135, Wende reversed into the other vehicle, Ditch said. Both drivers then got into a fight before Wende brandished a knife, he said. A passerby saw Wende with a knife, stopped, pulled out his gun and held Wende at gunpoint until police arrived. Wende was checked at the hospital for injuries he got during the fight, Ditch said.

Local social media lit up with rumors of multiple people stabbed, but that turned out to be fake news.

Just a reminder…be very careful about using deadly force, or any force, in defense of a third party. Your mantle of innocence in doing so can be put in jeopardy if the person you defend turns out to be the aggressor.

It sounds as though everything turned out for the best here, and thankfully an armed good guy stepped up to save an innocent life. Kudos to the unnamed good Samaritan.

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