Woman bound, stabbed, and buried alive for hours miraculously escapes shallow grave – chilling 911 call captures her muffled cries for help


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A Washington woman alleged that her estranged husband bound, gagged, and stabbed her before burying her alive in a shallow grave last month.

Young An, 42, stated that her husband, 53-year-old Chae An, assaulted and kidnapped her following a dispute over finances and their pending divorce.

Before the attack, Young had a restraining order against Chae, but it had been rescinded upon her request.

On October 16, Chae allegedly restrained Young with duct tape in her bedroom. When Chae left the room, Young managed to use her Apple Watch to call 911. She also sent emergency alerts to her children and a friend.

The chilling audio recording of the seven-minute call with police, recently obtained by Fox News, captured Young’s muffled cries for help as the dispatcher struggled to understand her. The dispatcher tells Young that help is on the way.

According to Young, Chae returned to the bedroom and dragged her into the garage. Chae allegedly broke her watch and forced her into his vehicle. Despite the damage to the watch, the call to 911 remained active.

Security footage from several neighbors captured Chae’s minivan pulling out of the neighborhood and driving past the police cruiser headed to the home. At the time, police were unaware that Young had been kidnapped.

“The dispatch was an ‘unknown trouble call,’” Sgt. Shannon Barnes told Fox News. “So he had no information about anything he was walking into.”

Chae allegedly drove Young to a wooded area outside town, where he stabbed her in the chest and buried her alive in a 19-inch-deep shallow grave.

Young told authorities that she kept the dirt from suffocating her by moving around for several hours until she managed to tear off the duct tape.

Police reported that Young escaped from the grave and ran to a nearby home, where she knocked on the door and requested help.

According to a probable cause statement, Young told the sheriff who arrived at the scene, “My husband is trying to kill me! Help me!”

Authorities found Chae inside his van near the shallow grave and detained him.

Chae was charged with attempted first-degree murder, first-degree domestic violence kidnapping, and first-degree domestic violence assault. On Tuesday, he pleaded not guilty to all charges.

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