Yes It’s Sill Hot Outside, But We’re Starting to Think of Fall, Game Birds, and Shotguns

It will be about 105 degrees here in Texas again today, but now that we’re on the backside of August, gradually sliding toward September, we can’t help but think of fall a little more often. And with dreams of falling leaves, cooler temperatures, and plowed fields come visions of pointing dogs, fluttering wings, and someone shouting rooster!

Back in The Time Before, CZ wisely decided to bring back their beautiful Bobwhite G2 side-by-side shotgun. It’s the classic English double gun for those of us who can only dream of owning one made by Purdey, Boss, Powell, or Holland & Holland.

CZ Bobwhite G2 side by side shotgun

This lightweight beauty will run you about $650, a tiny fraction of what you’d pay for the better English smoothbores. But we have it on very good authority that it carries about as well and when used to good effect, is every bit as deadly in the field on pheasant, quail, and dove.

Here’s the latest from CZ designed entice you into making a little room in your safe ahead of hunting season . . .

Emerging as the best-selling side-by-side on the market year over year, CZ BOBWHITE G2 has established itself as not only the finest side-by-side in its category but stands out as the most accessible with both left-handed and intermediate-sized variants available. CZ’s BOBWHITE is built using Italian barrel steel hand-fit to a CNCed steel action. The BOBWHITE’s crisp double triggers, Circassian walnut furniture and hand-engraved details are befitting a shotgun priced well beyond its $799 base MSRP. 

Building on a long history of quality side-by-side models, CZ’s second-generation BOBWHITE improved on its preceding model in nearly every way. As a result of the newly built and state-of-the-art manufacturing facility, all metalwork, from actions to triggers to hammers, gained a level of precision previously unimaginable. Improved spring systems resulted in even greater longevity and reliability, and attractive laser-engraved checkering elevated the shotgun’s handling and feel on clays and in the field. 

With classic lines, the CZ BOBWHITE G2 features a slender English-style grip allowing a shooter to slide their hand forward and rearward to easily choose which of the two triggers they wish to pull. An elegant splinter forend gives a good purchase while helping manage the weight and balance of the shotgun. 

With its action, barrels, and other metalwork finished in a hardy and attractive black chrome, the CZ BOBWHITE G2 wards off the elements far better than shotguns with a standard blued finish. Chrome-lined bores do the same to prevent corrosion internally, and a common Mobil-style choke system makes fitting aftermarket choke tubes an easy proposition. 

Not only is the CZ BOBWHITE G2 available in standard form in 12, 20, and 28 gauges, but it also has specific sub-models to fit shooters who might need help finding a modern side-by-side without going the custom route. 

The CZ BOBWHITE G2 Southpaw is the most notable, with a stock specifically shaped to put the left-handed shooter’s dominant eye directly behind the rib. ‘Cast on’ would feel as unnatural to a right-handed shooter as a standard gun can feel to a lefty. 

Also increasing the BOBWHITE’s accessibility is an Intermediate model with slightly shorter 14″ stock and 26″ barrels. Built for smaller-stature shooters, it allows them to use a side-by-side that fits them more properly, lending confidence and the ability to be more successful in the field and on the clay course. 

No matter what a shooter needs in a side-by-side, there’s a CZ BOBWHITE G2 to fit the bill – and without a heavy hit to the pocketbook!

CZ BOBWHITE G2 Specifications:

      • SKU: 06390, 06391, 06414, 06397, 06398, 06399
      • Gauge: 12, 20, and 28 gauges
      • Max. Shell Length: 3” (76 mm)
      • Trigger: Double triggers
      • Stock: Circassian Walnut, English style grip with splinter forend
      • Length of Pull: 14 1/2” (368 mm), 14” (356 mm) on Intermediate model
      • Frame Material: Steel
      • Extractor/Ejector: Single Solid Extractor
      • Barrel: Italian steel, chrome-lined
      • Barrel Length: 28” (711 mm), 26” (660 mm) on Intermediate model
      • Weight: 6 lbs (2721 +/- 5 g) – 7.3 lbs (3311 +/- 2 g) – based on configuration
      • Sighting: Serrated rib with single white bead
      • Chokes: Set of flush-mount interchangeable chokes included
      • Safety: Tang-mounted safety
      • MSRP: $799-849

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