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How To Mount A Scope, The Right Way

Firearm Scope

There are two strategies of doing issues in life: the incorrect means and the proper means. The proper means typically might take longer, however the outcomes are nearly at all times a lot better than the incorrect means. This is particularly true in relation to the amazing world of firearms and shooting. There actually is a incorrect vs. proper means.

For the twenty years i’ve been a firearms teacher, i’ve seen each the proper means and the incorrect means. The incorrect means is actually not fairly.

When it involves correctly mounting an optic on a firearm, i’ve seen many individuals get it oh-so-very incorrect. I’ve seen optics fly off of rifles or take a pounding from rattling round nearly free mounts screwing up the zero. The incorrect means can value you a deer, a contest and even your life.

The proper means can fill your freezer, win trophies and defend your life and that of your loved ones.  It solely takes just a little little bit of time and maybe just a few additional money to do that the proper means.

Let’s focus on the proper strategy to mount an optic in your firearm.


You will want a steady relaxation in your rifle that retains the firearm in a stable place; you should buy one or construct one. Furthermore, you’ll need a superb set of screwdrivers right here, with some flatheads. i’ve but to ever want a Phillip’s head to mount a scope. For the bases themselves, you’ll almost definitely want a bigger head, whereas the rings would require a smaller head.

Having a scope stage makes your job go by a lot extra simply. Most of those are magnetic and persist with the highest of a scope’s turret. Don’t scrimp and neglect to buy one among these, as they don’t seem to be costly and can prevent time.

Mounting Your Optic

The first step is to have the rifle you need the optic mounted on to be drilled and tapped. Most trendy firearms come drilled and tapped, or in case you are shooting an AR-15 or something in that class you’ll almost definitely have a Picatinny rail. After you may have your geese lined up in a row together with your rifle, select your optic. We’ll focus on optics one other day, however I’ll say to make certain you even have the proper screws, bases, rings, Allen wrenches, the whole lot you might want to mount your optic earlier than you get to it. Double examine your rings and mounts earlier than you allow the shop and ensure you have the proper dimension.

Pay consideration to your bases and mounting screws. This is particularly necessary for a drilled and tapped rifle. You don’t need to widen out your tapped drill holes within the receiver of the firearm.  You additionally don’t need to strip screws. Don’t accept substandard components or the incorrect dimension screws and components.

Thoroughly clean your firearm and also you mounts. Be positive you get any grit and particles off of the world you may be mounting to, and from the scope’s bases. Taking your time right here will forestall rust and scratches.

How To Mount A Scope, The Right Way

Firearm Scope


My subsequent step right here is to dab a skinny layer of Hoppe’s 9 or a good protecting oil onto the receiver what place you may be putting in your new scope. If you may have a Picatinny rail system and you might want to set up a riser mount to offset an AR-10 or AR-15’s entrance sight, achieve this right now, and after that set up the bases however wait to tighten in case you may have last-minute changes. For a rifle with conventional taped receiver, set up the bottom mounts and get the screws as tight as you’ll be able to with out stripping them.

Next, set up the underside rings and place the optic on them. Adjust to what place you need the optic to be after which place the highest rings on the scope. Use a superb scope stage and make sure the whole lot is kosher. When you’ve completed this, tighten the whole lot up.

Be positive the whole lot is safe, and provides all of it one final tightening.

When you might be happy together with your work, take your rifle out and sight her in. If you may have completed a superb job, you shouldn’t have any downside getting good tight teams and sustaining the scope’s zero.

Sighting In

Before sighting in your rifle, I extremely advocate you buy a top quality shooting relaxation comparable to a Lead Sled, or borrow one from a buddy. A laser bore sight is a superb device, as is a top quality recognizing optic.

I favor to laser bore sight a rifle first. Place your bore sight in your firearm’s chamber and arrange a goal at 25 yards. Unscrew the turret caps that cowl the adjustment knobs in your scope. The laser sight will make a laser dot seem on the goal; modify you optic till the cross hairs are proper in your laser’s dot. This eliminates much of the time to get heading in the right direction and will guarantee your first rounds hit close to the bullseye. You will most likely need to tweak your changes barely downrange, however this step saves ammo.

Next, arrange a goal at 100 yards. Shoot three rounds and group your rifle. Make any wanted changes to your scope and shoot just a few extra rounds. Normally this step takes me round 3-10 rounds of ammunition. Keep in thoughts that almost all shooting optics have an adjustment of one-fourth MOA, that means that each time you modify your scope one click on you might be transferring it 1 / 4 of an inch or a one-half centimeter at 100 yards.

After you may have sighted in your rifle, substitute your scope’s turret caps and ensure that they’re cosy. You might have to readjust your scope after each few hundred rounds.

Happy shooting!

What recommendation would you add in mounting a scope? Share your ideas within the part beneath:

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